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A few questions come to mind…

Our mind is always wandering. We are constantly thinking about something or the other. Things that happened in the day that has passed, things we need to get done for the next. There is so much inconvenient noise in our external environment. Cell phones, deadlines, whiny relatives and bad traffic just to name a few. But what about the noise we have in our heads? The relentless, self created noise of our compulsive thoughts.

We are seldom conscious of how much we time-travel in our minds. Our thoughts largely consist of memory and anticipation. Memories can be good or unpleasant. The future can look bright or bleak. We live in resentment and in regret of the past and worry about what is to come. But when are we happy with what we have at the moment. Are we ever in the moment at all?

We often overlook the simplest of pleasures. It could be the company of a person we are with or a beautiful view outside our window. It could be something simpler like how nice the warmth of the sun feels on our skin and how good the food tastes in our mouth. It could be just finding peace in being alone, doing absolutely nothing. The truth is we are seldom ‘here’. We are seldom happy with what we have and the way things are. We are either thinking about the good old days or hoping that tomorrow gets better. Or we’re obsessing over our sad past and worrying about the uncertain scary future. What is so bad about the present moment that we are constantly running away from it?

Everyone defines happiness in a different way. Someone could say I’ll be happier when I get a bigger, better car. For someone else it could be a membership of a prestigious club, designer clothes or an exotic vacation. A bigger house, a better salary, finding the right person, getting married, having kids, sending kids to a good school, getting the kids get married, having grand kids. At what point can we stop and say that we have achieved what we wanted and that we are happy? What will it take for us to be happy? What is stopping us from being happy now with what we have? If we achieve all that we want on our wish list, will we be happy then?

We live in ‘how things used to be’ or ‘how things can be’ not in ‘how things are’.
Why can’t we just be? Why are we always trying to get from one point to another? Where are we all rushing to? Why instead of living in the past or anticipating what is to come, can’t we be fully aware of the blessings we have and be grateful?

God said ‘be’ and the universe came into being. So why can’t we do just that? Just be. And let others be. Enjoy just being. Breathing. Existing. Relishing the moment to the fullest. Why can’t we accept ourselves for everything we are and accept others for who they are? Why do we judge? Who are we to judge really? I really wonder sometimes.


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